Golf MK5 GT TDI Sport 140 Chipped

Izo Azlion

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Golf GT TDI Sport
So this morning I dropped my car off with a guy from Votex, Congleton (

He met me early this morning at 8:30 on time, beat me there! At a location I decided. He took my car and gave me a free courtesy Vauxhall Corsa, which was great. He said it'd be ready by 5:30 tonight.

At 1:15 I picked it up - fantastic service - he met me back at the same place where I went to meet him, and they'd also valeted the car for me too! Thought that was awesome. As the brand of ECU is RevoTechnik, they charge a universal £500 + VAT for the mod. However, when I drove the car...

... ****ing hell.

Its awesome. Easily the biggest power gain. The torque comes in at around 2k/rpm, where it did pre-remap, but instead of dying off and being nothing by 4k/rpm, its still going. It soon goes off after 4,000 RPM, however shifting up soon solves that, and you're right back in the power band.

Its fantastic. The feeling of acceleration is so much better than pre-chipped.

Its the best £586.33 I've ever spent. Service from Votex was second to none, also.


Unfortunately it wasnt rolling roaded, so I dont know the exact figures. "Alot more than standard" is all I can say.
Yeah I have 06 TDI jetta and got it chipped by Jeff at Rocketchip, now I really love to drive my car again (Sweetdee). She is fun and I can do burnouts now, but I do desire more power so I went to and got a cold air intake and the downpipe plus the exhaust. Little more power now. I would love to get a twin turbo on her a small on for the low range and a larger turbo for the high. Plus larger injectors. Good luck with your car.
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