golf mk3 gearbox swap ?


1992 Golf 3 1.8l
i was thinking to install a 6gearbox on my mk3 that standerd has a 5box
the reason i'm looking in to this is simpel, i can go al the way to the end,
5 gear and just not over doing it but its clear the engine has more to offer

so installing a 6box woud let me go faster, and be more ECO wen i'm just driving the speed limite :P (correct me if i'm wrong thinking this)

So is this posible ? if yes, which can i use ?
and any1 ever done this before that can give me some advice ?

(this is my first car i'm giving a complete makeover on the engine )
Hi. Welcome to the forum.

Not sure to be honest. Getting more speed with the extra gear isn't necessarily going to be more efficient. Is it a petrol or diesel conversion you want to do? What spec do you have now? 16v, v6, 2.0, etc. :o
1.8 petrol, 5doors hatchback, aboute 135hp (normal 90pk)

and last time i checked he stopt around +/-180 km/u and the rpm is at its max (not in red)
so i'm looking in to it, so i dont make useless changes on the car
so al advice is welkom ;-)
i know the mk4 can swap the 5 and 6spd depending on the engine. however its just shorter ratios top speed was the same
i found my economy with a 6spd box was actually worse than the same engine in a 5spd one
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