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VW Golf mk4 1.9TDI
hello. i am new here. I'm a big VW fun, currently own an golf mk4 1.9tdi 90hp (ALH)...remaped to 120hp and 260Nm of torque, sprintfilter panel filter and high flow muffler. At this point i would like to hear some advices what to do next :smile: I was thinking about some kind of induction kit (CDA, cone or should i stay on panel???) someone experienced with this??? Afterwards, when finances allow, i meant to go on stage 2 (170+hp and 400+Nm)....turbo from ARL 150hp, intercooler, biger fuel pump and bosio pp502, single mass flywheel from Golf 3 TDI 1Z, Sachs Race Engineering Clutch for Golf 3 TDI 1Z (will it resist this torque?)...and I do not know what will be needed next.
I was wondering ...the current 5-speed gearbox can it be replaced with 6-speed from an GTI TDI??? Thanks to anyone who can give me any response :grin: :grin:
Howdo. Not to disparage your car but that sounds like a hell of a lot of work just to get a car with the same specs as a 125 quid remap got mine to. Sell your tdi 90 and get a 130. With all the mods declared on your 90 a 130 would be cheaper to insure.
gotta agree with yugguy you could buy a 130 or 150 through a remap on it and be looking at more power and torque than your aiming for

yes the 5spd can be exchanged for the 6spd
I know...but somehow I find it challenging pull out 170+ hp from an engine 90hp stock. Wish me luck :blink1: The other thing is what a lot of emotion tied me just for that car :grin: Thanks for helping :grin: Anyone else that has a similar experience?
the problem being, imo, thats the hard way of doing it. your throwing alot of money into an engine thats going to need strengthening - your talking twice the power. if your tied tot he car why not just swap out the engine ? you basically going to have to remove your current one to do the work unless you want to be cramped.

theres a few on other forums that have gotten big power from the 90bhp cars but mainly through swapping the engine and tuning that up simply because its the better base to start with. those who say theyve got big gains dont actually show the proof - a car on the dyno isnt proof unless you can actually read the screen - or smoke that badly james bond would be proud of the smoke screen
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