EJ6 Update

Hi all, it's been quite a while since I posted an update for my on-going project. I haven't actually done a whole lot recently due to lack of funds and I would have taken more pics but the weather hasn't exactly been great lately :lol:.

Since the last update I have gone EK9 with the grill and lights. I've also got HIDs fitted which I now think everyone on here should do as they are great! The rims are different from the last update due to a crash I had back in March time (some of you may remember). They're only temps though. I now have a Greddy Evo 2 exhaust (cat back) which replaced my old Powerflow. I have also fitted a aerial block off plate. Thank you to Hond-R for the work. Here are a couple pics:



Next up is a set of Recaros (being fitted next month) and general tidying up (i.e. colour coding). I'm still having the colour debate with myself as well!

Feedback is welcome!
Looks really nice Prince, good to catch up with you buddy. I see you still keep it unnaturally clean;)

The only thing I would say is lose the orange indicator bulbs and get some silvered ones instead.
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