Skoda vrs update

Hi all

Been off the scene a while and this is how my vrs has developed.
Now has 220bhp dpf off remap.
Also bilstein B8 dampers,Nuespeed front rear roll bars and links.



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Hi Loz.
Can't post dyno readings as it's not JPG but it's 413 nm (approx 318 lb ft ).
Also rev limiter 500 rpm higher so mid range is a blast!!!. Still cant believe MPG either as it still does 40 / 45 on a brisk run.
what is the engine of this sweet?
really nice on that colour. shinny blue.
it rules good in the corners? i never have seen an skoda RS at live :(

really good performance look friend
Hi Mate.
The engine is a 2 litre tdi pd diesel.
The dpf is back on the car now and actually makes more torque with it installed. Recently had it custom remapped on a dyno for smoother throttle response.
Cornering is great for a big estate car but the motorway is where she really is at her best.

oh so this is an diesel model, with the RS kits right?
because the original RS has an petrol engine isn't it?
its very beatifull your state wagon.
you said you have the dpf on the back. what is that friend?
that bliesten b8 are good? isn't much hard suspension? it's roll soft in the streer?
that model os shocks are sport right?
The Vrs is made with petrol and diesel engines. My car is a Vrs tdi.
Suspension is firm but comfortable and car still carries five people OK.
Dpf is a soot filter in the exhaust system . I am pleased you like my humble skoda.

oh dude your skoda rocks. very nice colour.
oh i didn't know that. i thought it just came out with petrol engines...
diesel rocks :) nice consumption. and the interior?
show some photos friend.
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