e36 2.8 sport standard figures

A quick google search turned this up.
Engine – 2793cc Straight Six 24 valve.
Drivetrain – 5 Speed Gearbox, Rear Wheel Drive
0-60mph – 6.4secs
Max Speed – 149mph
Max Power – 193bhp
These figures are on the conservative side as a BMW magazine has had a standard 328i hit 60mph in 5.9secs on a dry road. I’ve had my own car on the rolling road and it is putting out 200.8bhp, a bit more than the book suggests.
The 328 is also a hugely restricted engine in order to pass German legislation. The inlet manifold is small to reduce airflow and power. With some small alterations, a 325 manifold from an older 325i will fit. As this manifold has bigger inlets, a considerable power gain is to be had. I am talking of an increase from 193bhp to around 215bhp.

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