how can i tell if i have sport suspension


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Want to buy shocks at advanced auto (yes I know, but im kinda tight with cash) and car needs some. Anyway price on sport ones were cheaper. So im considering. Can i put them on if to replace reg suspension? Wouldnt it be betr?
I assume Advanced Auto are a cheap orgainisation then? ;)

You will have to ask the garage to put the car up on ramps and see if there is still a ledgible label on the old shocks that might give some clue as to whether they are sports or not.

Nothing wrong with sticking on new sports dampers/shocks to your car, just be aware that this may well give you a firmer ride depending on the type of one's fitted. Speak to the fitter before you have them fitted for some informed feedback as to what you can expect once they are fitted to the car. If your ok with what the man says, then have them fitted and enjoy.
no these are from monroe. And i asked the sales person at store. He told me that those are the ones for my car. Look on line at their sitr and got them cheaper. 200$ with secret code found online. Got them for $142. And the brand is good.

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