Tuning my BMW 325ci M Sport



Hi Guys

I have a 325ci m sport on an 03 plate and I am not overly impressed with the performance

has any one got any ideas of tuning that worked well whilst maintaining some level of stability in the car as I use it every day.

I have about £2500 to spend and im not overly interested in cosmetic changes.


Do you know if it is making the "standard power" figure?

I would spend the money on the head, get it gas flowed and ported. Fast road cams (not a full race profile though) also go with a sports exhaust/sports catalyst and sports air filter. Suspension would also be worth looking at if you feel it has got a bit saggy.

I think you should be ok with the standard fuelling on these.

The biggest power mod would have to be a supercharger but that will probably soak up all your budget and a little more.

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