320i e46 M-Sport upgrades



I am new to BMW but have absolutely fallen for them. I only wish I had gone for the larger capacity versions that aren't down to 170 BHP. The car is the M-Sport package so I am pretty happy with handling. I have added a short shifter and sprintbooster in the meantime.

I have a couple of thousand pounds to play with over the next year and wanted some advice on the best upgrades I should consider. I was thinking induction and exhaust first. Second - was to get a re-map to get the most out of the new package.

Are there any recommendations out there for these mods (other than selling it and getting a 330i!) and any companies in the London area you would recommend to do the work.

Any other ideas on mods would be very welcome!
dont bother with the remap mate. on the 2.0 youll be lucky to see 10bhp gain.
superchargering is commonly done on BMW you might get around 30-40 bhp gain before you need to do internal work to lower the compression, claymore would be the best man to ask about this as hes done it himself on a fiat.
or AutoCustomEng although hes not been on for a while, he used to build and sell BMW kits.
do a search on both

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