Drivers and motorists what is different about them


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For those that don't follow my posts or are new to the TC forums I am passionate about safe and defensive driving and I often use the term "drivers" and "motorists"

A "motorist" to me is a person that has somehow managed to pass the test and then has no further interest in improving on what is very basic skill level and then over time develops bad habits that would have had them fail the test if they displayed just 1 of them.

A " driver" to me is someone who strives to improve on the fairly basic skill set that allowed him/her to gain a license, knows the rules and keeps up to date with changes and follows them,has the correct/best posture when seated behind the wheel,seat belt fitted correctly,drives with 2 hands on the wheel preferably @ 9 & 3 (10 & 2 is still ok but old school :) ) is courteous,and is situationaly aware, Indicates and shoulder checks BEFORE changing lanes etc and is concentrating on the job at hand DRIVING SAFELY and with the phone connected to BT.

Drivers will carry out weekly basic checks like tyre pressures,tyre wear,oil and water levels,that all lights are operating, clean windscreen etc

TIP 1 for those who have a garage you can see if all the head lights,indicators, brake and parking lights etc are working by seeing their reflections on the wall in front & the closed door behind the car.

TIP 2 I recommend that the spare wheel tyre pressure be be at least 10-15 PSI higher than the tyre placard recommends as all tyres lose pressure over time so in the event of the spare being needed somewhere in the distant future there is a better chance that it may need lowering which to my mind is far safer than having to fit a spare with dangerously low pressure.

TIP 3 External door mirrors need to be adjusted out as far as possible so if you need to see the side of your car when parking, reversing etc you only need to lean your head slightly sideways as this will help minimize any blind spot.
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