DC5 and S2000 engine block???

No, they are totally different. The external first glance may look the same, but they are actually completely different types of engines with a totally different layout.

i own a 2003 s2000 and have recently started to expereince some problems with it. there appears to be a rattle on the front of the car when it is started for a few seconds and then it quietens down. has any one else expereinced this . i think the noise is coming from the the timing chain
Hi s2000, in answer to your question, the timing chain is held taut by a hydraulic tensioner. The tension should be maintained at all times, and if you have a noise on startup, it is more likely that the valves require adjustment as they are not hydraulic, or you have low oil pressure on startup. This is often caused by a partially blocked oil filter or using too thick a grade of oil. Using too thin an oil can also mean the pump takes a few seconds to pick up the oil and get it to the vital parts. My advice would be to do an oil change using a genuine Honda filter, and the best oil to use in those engines is Castrol Edge. Hope this helps.

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