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Hello peeps.

My 2022 S2000 Is currently sat in a Honda garage as it keeps stalling at idle and once it cut out when driving?

They said it was the battery ...fitted and it didnt cure....Now they say its the alarm???

Can you nice peeps help me as i starting to believe they dont know what they are doing!

It could be the immobiliser causing it to cut out but this rarely causes a low idle.

Are there any error codes when plugged into a diagnostic port? When was it last serviced?
Hi Wayne

Serviced last April. The EML comes on just before it cuts out, the Honda garage havnt told me the codes so cant tell you them.

The imobliser wouldnt cut out driving along would it? this did happen once.

Would it be the alternatoer mate?
It could be something as simple as a bad earth. The alternator just tops up the battery so unless the battery is not charging it shouldn't be the alternator.

Immobilisers can just cut in suddenly. Some remote fobs send out a signal and if their battery gets low it can cause this, not sure if this happens in the S2000 though.
Ok. some good points..thanks

Will ring them and ask to check the fob battery. Ive searched the Web and not found any like faults noted on the S2000 so just my luck eh.

Would the EML light come on if a fob batery tho?
ask them for the codes so you can note them down for next time. then search the code on the net.

mm the battery isnt really used when the engine is running as the juice comes from the altinator.

would say its a sensor - not much help i know.
is it electroninc throttle ? have they cleaned the throttle body ? it might be junked up with carbon and not allowing air past when "closed"
Thanks mate....If the above is no help to them I will get the codes from the garage, whats the best Web page to go to and check codes etc.
just type in the code and honda or something
ie honda 12345

if its as simple as that i wouldnt bother going back to them again. my local honda garage was just as usless with any issues i had
Just spoken to them to give some of the above pointers....They say the car is not telling them any codes!

Mite be the alarm fob battery,throttle pot or as you say the housing flap etc

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