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I have seen quite a few rumors about an S2000 replacement. Details are still very sketchy and lots of stats and figure are being made up.

So this thread serves 2 purposes.

1) What would you like to see in the new S3000
2) What rumors or leaked news can you find out there about it.

Hopefully we can help Honda redesign the ultimate 2 seater roadster.
would like to see it with the larger 3.2 v6 from the old nsx under there give it more a chance of keeping up with the merc and bmw roadsters along with the boxster which it was normally up against. doubt it will happen with the toughness on emmisions however
wasn't far off although i think its a whole new 3 ltr engine or possibly a 3.5 from the acura range in the US. theres also talk about using a 2.2 or 2.5 4 cylinder
think i might start saving for one as it looks quite nice


That looks nice! Is that an artists impression? I think it would look nice with the new Civic style front lights.
looks like the artists impression
going by some reports they ,honda, are designing it over the next 10 years. but theres other reports seem to head in the direction that it will be ready by end 2011
I doubt they will drop the s2000 without having a replacement ready. This might be a clever move to sell off the old stock first.;)

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