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i own a 2003 s2000 and have recently started to expereince some problems with it. there appears to be a rattle on the front of the car when it is started for a few seconds and then it quietens down. has any one else expereinced this . i think the noise is coming from the the timing chain
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What is the mileage - when was it last serviced and has the belt been changed? It might just be a tensioner problem but that sort of thing worries me.

Does it get driven hard from cold? (over 3000rpm?)
Hello and welcome to Torquecars as well - nice to have another S2000 owner join us. They are impressive engines - I have yet to see anyone who has done a better flow job on the standard head than Honda have ;)
hi mate the mileage is only 40,000 and the car has full service history having been serviced at 39,000 and since i have owned it i have never driven it hard from cold
Check the obvious stuff like the engine cover etc... This can make an annoying rattle. Did it start very recently? Could the service have left something loose?

Is the noise at the top or bottom of the engine (I know it can be pretty hard to tell)
the noise is at the front of the car and at the top i think that it could be something to do with the timing chain or tensioner what would you advise
Can you take the cover off - check for damage/cracks or excessive play on the chain or the tensioner.

What oil did they use for your last service?

I've been chatting with some other s2000 owners and the other possible causes of a rattle:-

Piston slap does go away when warm and is usually a sign of an engine being driven hard from cold. It will be a rattle from deep within the engine and will almost sound like a diesel.
Low oil pressure could also cause a rattle when cold - check the level at least. (wrong viscosity could be to blame also.)
It could be the valve train which is starved of oil.

Some get their valves adjusted around the 40,000 mile mark so it might be time for yours also.

I believe there is a weakness in the valves/springs on these engines so the first thing to check is the chain if this is ok then it is unfortunately time to take the car into a garage.

It is so strange that this only happens when the engine is cold which suggests to me that there is only a cold/low oil pressure problem.
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