Best first car mod

You must be a really tidy minimalist sort of person then!

Not really, but I always end up with low engine cars and it's the only way I can make them go any faster :D . I'm also a big fan of how rally and motorsport cars look. Comfort is overrated.
Upgrade to fully comp Insurance and learn how to drive properly not just pass a test that is based on being less stupid than others.
Being taught how to handle a car correctly will far outweigh any other first mod.
a 5 inch bore aftermarket free-flow exhaust w/o mufflers to make the car go and sound like a racecar!!
New wheels or steering wheel should bring most joy to the average car owner as most cars don't really benefit from intake/exhaust mods. Remap is ofc no.1 for turbocharged cars.
Tho not a mod new fluids/filters/brake pads are most important things to do to a used car as you can never be sure how the last owner kept care of your baby :).
Full exhaust system with de-cat, A cat saps up to 25% of the engine power. it'll be better on fuel and sound better too, loud pipes save lives :)
I'm with Country Bumpkin take more lessons /coaching and learn to drive . Passing the test & getting a license is only one small step on the way to becoming a safe,competent& courteous driver who is aware of both their and their cars limits and drives within them.
For a road only driver take the IAM test.
In other words upskill the driver before modding the car.

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