which intercooler is best...


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passat 1.8 turbo
Hi.i have a passat turbo which im modding.would a larger drop in intercooler which has a good air feed as standard be just as good as a front mounted one??? Aiming for near 300bhp.i would prefer the drop in as want the car to look standard ish.thanks for any help
forge make a side mount one which is better than the oe cooler and fits exactly the same.

dont forget if your aiming for power levels like that then its time to look at going for forged rods they are known to hit the limits around that power and lb/ft

also get your oil pick up replaced before you start going for more power you dont want be starving the engine of oil
It's tried and tested a side mounted ic isn't enough for the power level your after s3's, tt's and the cupra r get away with it cause they have two ic's. But even then most upgrade to a fmic for better results ;)
Does anybody know of a front mount that fits without it showing? ? I like the idea of it being a sleeper.did it a while bk on a t4.also seenthat some vw have forged internals but cant find out for sure whether mine has.its a 2001 awt.cheersfor all ya info
i know you can fit the above cooler on the octavia vrs and still not have it showing it just requires a little modding to the crash bar, you could also give it a light coat of satin black paint to make it even more stealthy :)

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