What the best material to use for an air intake tube?


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basically as the thread says, which of these is the best material to use for an air intake tube (after the mass air sensor), silicone, aluminium or stainless steel, or does it not really make any difference?
If the length is short, and not fitted to a highly tuned engine, then I doubt it makes much of a difference, personal preference. My only caveat is that on a high revving N/A engine there may be a slight chance of a silicone tube collapsing under partial vacuum
Silicone tubes can easily be shaped, which makes them already superior to most other materials.

Additionally it is a good insulator and can take up the slack without otherwise necessary rippling, which would affect flow.

@ old-git - Whether the silicone hose colapses or not depends on how many layers/plies it consist and other strengthening done.

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