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So I have a 2001 Audi S3, it has a couple of upgrades - Boost pipes & Intercooler, SQ DV, Injectors (dont know the size & might replace them), Walbro Fuel pump, Down Pipe & exhaust, Induction and an unknown software (as its peak boost reaches 1.2bar).

The problem I have is that the car has a standard replacement turbo fitted (like a fake copy:lol:). And it only hits full boost @ around 4000rpm:confused:
I've had the turbo checked and it's 100%.

So the only thing I can think of is to replace the turbo for something better??

So if someone has an idea why it's boosting so late. And who can tell me what turbo upgrade will make nice power on this car?

Thanx in advance :)
you could have your current turbo hyridised for a little more power and make the turbo more reliable and still a straight fit.

something better the good old tried and tested garrett gt28 turbo, youd be looking at around 350 from that with good mapping while still keeping a sensible reliability of the engine

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