08 Audi S-Line 3.2


08 A6 S-Line
hey everyone was wondering if anyone was aware of supercharger/ turbo kits for the 08 A6? an if there was a route to go as far as increasing the hp an torque on this car? would be worth just to swap to a 4.2 that comes in the same year car
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Hopefully someone will have the answer to the knowledge that you seek, good luck sir |B
What about dropping in the Turbo engine from the early s6? These are pretty strong and reliable.

Engine swaps usually make more sense than a turbo upgrade, as you need to change the compression ratios etc...

What engine does yours have? I saw an interesting twin charger setup on the A6, it cost the owner about $7000 to install, setup and map but gave silly power figures.
I have the 3.2 v6 an can you put the turbo kit even with it being a high compression motor?

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