Audi A3 8L 1.9 TDI ASZ + quattro needs upgrade of charger


Audi A38L ASZ quatt
Hello Team,

I have a wonderful A3 8L asz engine with quattro which I deeply love. The car has some upgrades, listed below:
- Software from Madness motorsport, Bulgaria, 170 hp
- fuses from ARL
- Straight exhaust pipe 65mm
- eibach suspension
-EGR delete
- Brand new sachs clutch with sport disc

As I need to revise the charger and clean all turbo pipes and manifold anyway, I want to put a bigger charger and change the software /currently it loses much oil/. The problem I face, is that I cannot decide what turbo to put on, as currently the car is very powerful in the low RPMs and I do not wish to loose that in any case, just to add power. I drove a Seat Leon M1 ARL for a month, as my car was in paint shop, and I did not like the lag it has- full power comes around 3000 RPMs, which for my style of driving and preference is not good.
Please, advise which is the best option to get a 200-210 HPs on the lowest possible and safe for the engine and turbo RPMs?
I was thinking about 1756VK from 2.7 tdi...? Should it be a particular turbo, or a hybrid one? I saw an article on this site, mentioning a GT2052V charger, having full power on 2200..?
The problem is that my modification- asz with quattro is not very often met in Bulgaria, so I cannot find similar tuned car to compare.. Will appreciate all inputs highly!!


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JB Starion
Hi and welcome :)

Am not familiar with your car or the turbo on it BUT you would need to know if it is a sliding vane type or not before you think about upgrades as bigger turbos generally make more power but at the cost of low down response.

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