Audi S3 8L 2003 brake issue


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Audi s3 8l
Hi everyone, my 2003 s3 8l brakes have gone. The brake pedal goes to the floor with a bit of brake right at the bottom and the handbrake works to a degree. Obviously before anything I will try bleed the system and then onto the master, any particular way these like to be bled? Also any links to a master cylinder or a rebuild kit cheers
The generally accepted brake bleeding method is to start with the longest line (rear passenger side) and work thru to the shortest (front driver side) BUT make sure you check the reservoir and keep it topped up so it doesn't get too low.

If you have multi piston calipers bleed the inner side first and then the outer nipple as per the video.

Pro Tip 1 do not push pedal all the way to the floor as that can cause problems with the master cylinder at times.

,,,,,,,,,,,,2 Do not undo the bleed nipple too far as that can allow air back into the caliper if the brake is released before it is sealed by tightening the nipple.


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