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Audi A4 Avant Quatt
Hi all.

Looking for any advice/tech info please.
We have recently bought our first Audi, (April) 2008 (PD engine I believe) A4 Avant Quattro, 2.0 Tdi 170bhp. Unfortunately it has been very much an anticlimax for us
Several minor niggles, one of which is the rear electric windows work very randomly. Sometimes go down, but then don't go up. Most of time don't even do down. It's both at the same time that don't work too, not just one. Garage will be investigating further.

The main issue is the drive and engine performance. Is this engine model known for bad turbo lag? Seem to get a bit of a kick around 2500 rpm, especially in 2nd gear. 5th and 6th have very little pull in them at all. Even cruising at 60 in 6th, it's needed to drop to 4th to get any kind of 'oomph' for over-taking. We also have a 1.8 Td mondeo 125bhp which doesn't need the drop in gears and just picks up power as needed, so thought the A4 would be at least as good if not better than this!

Since its purchase a few weeks back, the glow plug light has come on flashing and car gone into what I now know to be, limp mode. An engine switch off and restart has cleared this and car drives normal. First time it happendc the garage put diagnostics on and it came up with a code he said he hadn't seen before with reference to 'turbo boost pressure range not reached'. Although he hasn't seen this before, he believes it happens due to possibly being in too high a gear and putting the foot down. ie slowing almost to a stop at a junction in 2nd gear, then pulling off without going into 1st? The 2nd time it happened, I had slowed down to around 20mph for a car turning off the road and I was in 3rd... Rather than drop to 2nd, I just applied power (as id always have done in the mondeo with no issues) and the car coughed and spluttered and again, went into limp mode with the flashing glow plug coil on the dash. We pulled in, switched off the engine and restarted. Car ran fine again! Surely this isn't normal and a little more forgiveness should be allowed for being in too high a gear now and then, without then having to pull over to restart the car?!

Sorry for the long winded post, but any advice or info would be greatly appreciated. If it turns out to be a major issue, I would be inclined to look into just handing the car back (having done a little research into the sale of goods act through independent car dealerships)

Many thanks,

I dunno but my 1.8 tdci focus can pull from a crawl in 3rd without issue.

Your fault code could be the turbo not spinning up properly. I do know that the earlier 1.9 PD engines could suffer from soot clogging up the turbo so maybe the later 2.0 engines do too?

The 1.9 PDs could be sorted with a good dose of this stuff:


And I have heard of it being used on a lot of diesel engines from different makes. Might be worth a punt before you go tyhrough the hassle of getting rid of the car.

And this might be worth sticking in too:
Ebay powerenhancer bg244

And checking the EGR valve, make sure it is not sooted or sticking.

This sounds a lot like a blocked DPF and clogged injectors to me.

The turbo should kick in around 1700 rpm smoothly and pull all the way round to 4500.

If there is no power low down then the turbo could be on it's last legs, does it make a lot of unusual noise or is there a hissing air leak somewhere causing you to lose boost?

Is this a standard car or has it been mapped and had a turbo conversion fitted.

Use only premium fuels and the BG244 is really good stuff, I'd say buy it from Amazon though, and support this site with the modest commission they pay us.

Thanks for the replies.
I'm hoping it's not the DPF as I believe that's a costly repair. There was near £2k spent on the car (DPF filter I think) only July last year, so could that be clogged again so quickly?
Will ask the independent dealer to look at the problem again on Monday as he's taking it back in to try and sort the rear windows. All very disappointing considering we've only had the car less than 2 weeks
Obi_waynne, also it's a standard 2.0Tdi 170bhp car. No remaps as far as I'm aware. I have been looking into remap options... TDI Tuning do a self fit tuning chip for £295...?
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Sorry Waynne, I didnt know about this. Are there links on here to what we can get?

As for DPFs, I've seen more and more threads recently about people having them removed, soak-cleaned with a strong tar remover, and then replaced, on various car models.
Excuse the ignorance, but what's the differences/advantages of that and price difference? TDI Tuning quite £295 for a self fitting chip which would give me +/- 215 bhp, 384 Nm torque and 10-12 mph top end (less important)
Hi Mike. I have the PD 170 engine in my Golf. Performance is fine even as a standard engine, certainly no lag or struggling in 5th/6th gear. Sounds like DPF problems, these can clog up very quickly if not run properly i.e a good run each week to clear the soot out or BG244 to help clear it out. If the garage isn't finding a fault code its probably DPF clogged. This doesn't necessarily mean a new one is neede, VW can do a forced regeneration and clean it out for you or the supplying garage I should say.

Cheers, I replied to your other comment. I guess it would've been easier just to direct u to here, haha.

I'm gonna see what the garage says on Monday and try the BG244 to see if that helps the problem any too.


Where's that list Obi? I'll spend a few pounds in the interest of the old forum ;)
I'll sort out a support us page soon full of these sorts of links, but for now the amazon link is in the right hand column on the main site just below the advertise your business box. Click it each time you go through and we get a small commission = it doesn't affect the price you pay for your goods at all but does help us defray our costs.

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