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Hi all
I have a question about altering my suspension. Current car is a 52 plate 3.0 V6 quattro avant SE, and I would really like to improve the handling - my previous car was an S6 avant 4.2, which was unfortunately nicked off my drive last September, so I am used to more 'precise' handling than the SE.
Should I fit a strut brace front and rear, and which suspension should I go for? Obviously I want stiffer shocks and springs, but I don't want the ride height dropped too much (still want to be able to load up the car for camping without bouncing off the bump stops......), so I would like some advice on which manufacturer/options I should go for.
Thanks !!
A set of Bilsteins would be on my list but I know others have different preferences.

Coilovers are rated highly by many. Which size wheels do you have? Anything like 18's or 19's and I'd stick with the standard ride height, on 17's I'd drop it about 35mm (bear in mind your current suspension has sagged with age and is probably about 10-20mm lower than it should be anyway so the new drop will not be as dramatic.)

I guess that your biggest problem is probably just the bushings going. If you get these renewed and fit poly bushes on the smaller mounting points it can really help sharpen up a standard car.

Make sure the camber and toe settings are right. The car in it's default setting from factory will tend to oversteer but this can be tweaked out with some negative front camber and a little bit of toe out at the front. (Leave the rears as they are).

Have a chat with the nice guys at Awesome Gti in Manchester.
A strut brace will realign the warped suspension turrets bringing them in line. They tend to sag out with age so a front strut brace will make a small difference but IMO you will be better off focussing on the main suspension settings.

A rear anti roll bar may help depending on the suspension type you have - I presume it might be a wishbone setup at the rear?
I had an A3 of that year and it had a Torsion beam setup. I'm not sure about the A4's pre 2005 yet - I'm still learning!

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