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Audi 3.0 avant
Hi all
Am still considering lowering my 3.0 avant - I've got 18" s-line alloys and low profiles, but theres a good 4cm between the top edge of the tyre and the wheel arch both front and back.
I'd like to have stiffer/lower, but not too low so I can still load it for holidays etc.
ANy recommendations for brands? I've seen a few cheaper ranges - would go for Bilsteins if I could afford it, but wondered if any of the budget ranges were any good.

What are you looking at? Lowering springs or full spring and matching damper set? We always recommend going for a full set or coilovers, you'll wear out your standard dampers faster with just lowering springs. Some also recommend not going lower than 30-35 mm and coilovers offer height and with some makes damping adjustability.
If the Avant has the same rear suspension setup as the A3 and TT, then lowering will result in excessive negative camber at the rear. This happened to my son's S3 and his friend's TT. Son is now in process of modifying control arms so they are adjustable on the car.
Was looking at full coilovers. Only really wanted to go down 25mm or so.
Old git - not sure what set up is on my avant, but what mod is necessary?
Cheers for the replies
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