2008 Ford Mondeo Titanium X estate Diesel. Relay energising every 58 seconds causing Battery drain?


Mondeo Titanium X
Hi folks.
Great to make your aquaintance.
I had to get the RAC out a couple of days ago flat Battery he diagnosed using a Battery drain tool on his computer.
He found that Relay 669T - 14B192 - EA was intermittently energising. I needed to get it to the garage for a dianosis. The garage told me that they wouldn't even look at it because it was it an electrical fault & gave me the number of an Auto electrician. He quoted me £75 for 1 hour of diagnosis if he didn't know what it was by then he would walk & I pay the £75. if he knew what it was then £??? to sort it?
It just seems to me as though something as been left on like intermittent Wipers but their off. I can't think of anything else that would fire the Relay every 58 seconds when not running.
When I remove the Relay to save my Battery the Car won't even start so its something to do with the starting Circuit?
I had a fault last year where when I pressed the start button it would take out a 20A fuse. I took the vehicle to RAC recommended garage who resolved the issue by finding that the Wiring Loom behind the start button dash had been rubbing on the bracket & worn bear causing a short circuit. They wrapped insulation Tape around the Loom & its been fine since. I took it back to them with this fault & they have quoted £105 just to start looking minimum charge? I explained that the job was still under 12month guarantee but they say its a different issue now even though it is on the start circuit???
Does anybody have any idea what could be causing this Relay to fire every 58 seconds?
What does Relay 669T - 14B192 - EA control? There are 3 of the same Relays in the same Fuse box next to the Battery. I tried swapping 2 of the Relays around but no change. I will soon get fed up constantly removing the Relay each time I park up for a while.
Any advise will be gratefully received,


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