Ford Crown Vic 2008 Model??


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Hey Im currently living in the Middle east and i was thinking of getting a used ford crown vic 2008 model , since im a noob when it comes to cars i was hoping to see what your opinions are?

thank you:lol:


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Those cars are a dime a dozen over here. They're exceedingly popular for their V8 engines, rear wheel drive, body on frame construction, and the fact they can take a BEATING. These are among the most reliable cars I've ever seen, if somewhat dull to drive due to the incredibly soft suspension. Over here, the car was a favorite for taxi's and police cars. To this day, the car is a heavily recommended secondhand buy (especially if you can get your hands on an ex-police car). The car is easy to work on, and there's a large aftermarket for the V8 if you wanna make it faster. The very last production sale-able Crown Victoria was exported to the Middle East when the car went out of production in 2011. Since then, police fleets have switched to a mixture of new Dodge Chargers, Chevrolet Caprice PPV's, and new Ford Taurus and Ford Explorers. Taxi companies have been switching to the Ford Transit Connect, though taxi companies are rioting in New York City over the recent decision to replace the Crown Vic with the Nissan NV200 as the city's official Taxi (The Taxi companies much prefer the Ford Transit Connect).

In short, a Ford Crown Victoria is a great buy, even if they were 25 years out of date in 2000.

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