2004 Audi A4 Tuning


Columbia, MO, USA
2004 Audi A4 1.8T
Hello everyone!

I'm new to the world of car tuning and need some help. So far from what I've read it seems that the best upgrades for my car would be a bigger turbo, new exhaust system, and a remap. Am I correct with these assumptions?

Now my questions is, what kind of merchandise should I look for specifically? What Turbo's are good quality and what kinds will fit my car etc. I am truly a complete noob and really appreciate any help you guys can give me. Thanks!

Sounds about right, my recommended mods are adding a better recirculation valve, (forge do a nice one), a full sports exhaust and sports cat and K&N panel air filter then get a remap done. If you want a much bigger power gain then get the head flowed and ported and look at hybrid turbos or the K04 upgrade.

Do you have the KO3 or KO3s turbo? The bolt on KO3s will be better and allow you to get more power. There are also some garret upgrades around or you could change your manifold and do a KO4 conversion.
2004 would be k03s, dunno how hard the 04 would be to fit as its not standard on the a4 afaik

garrett gt28 is the most common to be used on the 1.8 and your looking around 300-350 depending on other mods

exhaust, youll not see much from a cat back. however if you are changing the turbo youll need to change the manifold and downpipe anyway. removal of the cat even for a sports cat improves the spool up of turbo

doing it over here yourself you would be looking at around £3500 if you wanted a garage to do it for you. some hunting around you could have the parts for around £1000 if you fancied doing it yourself - not including the mapping

waynnes right about the diverter valves as its weak it splits easily, so might be worth taking it off and checking it over and looking for other split hoses as well as they will rob you of boost.
Yea I have the K03s. So waynne suggests the K04, and pgarner the garrett gt28. From what I've seen from the 10min research I just did is that the garrett is cheaper. What do you think on power gains compared to the K04? And is the install about the same, more difficult, or in fact easier with the garret turbo?

Also, how big of a difference is the GT28RS to the GT28R?

Thanks for your help guys.
both the k04 and gt arent bolt on so require somework.

if your finding the garett cheaper than the 04 then i doubt its genuine - i know theyre selling on ebay for a couple of hundred.

k04 your looking around 300 tops
gt28 your looking around 350.
so if your looking for around 300bhp then id say go with the garett as it will be under less stress so have better reliability
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