new to audi please help :)



Hey guys hope you can help :) i am looking at gettting a audi A4 convertible with the 2.5 diesel engine.

My question is what should i be looking out for fault wise and what mileage are these engines good for as i have seen a couple around the 115k - 130k mark and just wanted to know how long these engines have left realistically.

i hope someone can help before i buy :)

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hope to hear somthing soon cheers dan
Hey matey welcome to T.C good to have you. Some one else will have to help you with their common niggly bits but a full service history, straight body panels clear green radiator water, evenly worn tyres and same make tyres all round and a bit of common sense means you should be buying a pretty reliable set of wheels. Good luck.
What year are you looking at. If they have regular oil changes, every 12 months minimum they just keep on going to 200k plus.

Check it has a full service history and you should be fine.

The cambelts are quite expensive to change and should be done every 5 years or 70k or so.
Greetings and a Warm Welcome to our TorqueCars Forum my Friend!
Good to have you along with us :)
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