Pwer Steering problem audi s4 2004



Hi everybody, I am new in this forum and this si my question...

90k miles S4, very whell mantained... and I love the car but un the last 2 months I have fixed the power steering twice.the problem is that it is driven by a shaft instead of a belt and the internal gear on the engine has worn out which in turns wares out the replacement gear on the power steering shaft.
To fix it properly it is necesary to drop down the engine and replace the internal gear.

with 90k miles on it, they recomend to replace the clutch, chain tensioners, gaskets, etc.

this is going to be big bucks! Is it worht it? shall I sell the car and invest that money on a newer model? What do you guys think?

Thank you everyone for your feedback

I think it's worth fixing, I suppose it depends on the cost of the job but a fully working car is worth a lot more when selling anyway and the clutch has done well to last this long so is probably due to be done.

I wouldn't use a main dealer for this work though, do you have a specialist VAG garage near you? Even a VW dealer will probably give a good price for this job.
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