1. J

    2000 Toyota Solara Advice and Suggestions

    I have a 2000 Toyota Solara SE 2.2l Automatic. Im wanting to do whatever i can to break 600 hp. Any suggestions? -Turbo? -Engine Swap? -Engine Upgrades? -Etc????
  2. Stiggy

    New Tires Soon

    Hey All, it's been a while. Wondering if I could get some advice. I've just got my self a new car and it has some nice ditch finders on it right now so when I have financially recovered I am looking to get some new tires. Trouble is there are so many to choose from these days and I can't find...
  3. C

    Golf 1.9 105 2006 injector issues

    HI guys, iv got myself a new gold 1.9 tdi 105 but it seems to have injectors issues. I was thinking while I replace them could I put 130pd injectors inn instead of the 105pd''s. Or would this not work? Does anyone know. I'm new to VW,S
  4. L

    Vectra C - Cheap tuning mods - under £100

    I have a 53 Vectra C 2.2 Auto. It already manages 158 bhp / 0-62 in 8.8 on a rolling road test. I got it a couple of months ago, I uprated the springs, but the shocks were new and already have been upgraded well beyond standard spec by the previous owner. It isn't lowered as it is already quite...
  5. C

    Audi 3.0 TDi

    Hi I have an Audi A5 Cabriolet 3.0 TDi turbo diesel, I've done a re-map on the ECU and now looking to improve the performance even more, can anyone suggest anything worthwhile doing to squeeze more power from this wonderful engine!