Building a D16y8


Boise Idaho
1997 Honda Civic EX
So to start off, I'm not looking to swap, I want to keep the d16y8. What type of performance upgrades can I put in the engine? Like performance camshafts etc. Also wondering what brands are reliable for these types of upgrades? Any help is appreciated.
The D16, like all other Honda engines, may be upgraded to provide extra power. The D16, on the other hand, does not have a lot of easy and practical bolt-on modifications, which makes the choices feel a little restricted at times. It's still feasible to boost power by another 20% or more at a reasonable price.


If your engine has VTEC, you can get it to cut in at lower RPMs, thereby giving you a sportier cam profile throughout a larger portion of the engine's power band.

Piper and Kent in the UK offer custom grinds on Honda Cams, but not sure about what's around in Idaho my friend. A regrind is the best option if you can't source a stock cam replacement.


Remapping is the greatest approach to get the most out of all the changes you make to your automobile. Piggyback ECUs are often employed for this reason since the Honda ECU is locked, necessitating the usage of a separate aftermarket ECU that may significantly increase overall performance.

Hondata is a fantastic alternative, but it is an expensive item that not everyone can afford. It's critical to make sure the ECU maintains its knocking protection. An aftermarket ECU is the way to go, and many of them will exceed factory ECUs, but make sure it includes knock protection and is correctly configured.)

On NASP engines with a few other tweaks, it normally gives you approximately 15%, although your mileage may vary depending on the improvements you've made and the state of your engine.


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