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I have a 53 Vectra C 2.2 Auto. It already manages 158 bhp / 0-62 in 8.8 on a rolling road test. I got it a couple of months ago, I uprated the springs, but the shocks were new and already have been upgraded well beyond standard spec by the previous owner. It isn't lowered as it is already quite low and I don't want it to appear modified. I think the gearbox has been modified or has been re-tuned because it revs and changes quickly, but runs out of top end - at about 1500 revs under the red line, in 5th gear. It makes 115 mph. Its got a perfect service record and anything that has needed to be done has been done.

I would like to get it to 8.5 secs on the rolling road, or modify the top end without losing low end grunt. It has a Pipercross air filter and no other mods that I can see that have not already been mentioned.

I have a birthday coming up soon so I am looking for some cheap mods, or a cheap mod, under £100 that will boost the performance that bit more.
It has the 17 inch alloys. It is the elegance model.

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Greetings Louis and welcome to our TorqueCars forum :)

As the car is not too old, I would suggest getting the ECU remapped by a reputable company. JF Automotive who advertise on here would be a good company to approach with regards to what can and cannot be done with regards to a quick performance upgrade. Realistically I would budget up to £300 for a remap and with our discount you should get quite a sensible quote all being well. Don't be in a hurry for speed, do it right and you will be rewarded, do it wrong and it will feel like the wallet has just been assaulted by a most unsavory character ;)

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