1. T

    VAG 2.0 PD 300hp on a budget

    Hey guys, new here, I'm looking for some advice on tuning my car on a budget. I've got the EA188 PD engine, BWC / BKD engine code in my '08 Mitsubishi Lancer GS3 Saloon. Currently remapped to a claimed 193 but I'm after a bit more- on a tight budget. I've watched the YT video and read the...
  2. M

    M57D30tü2 problem

    Hello. I have a e60 lci 530d. Tuned somewhere about 300hp/650Nm When i start to accelerate from 0. it is very slowly gaining rpms. And when it hits 2500rpms it almost snaps my neck Now i am stuck with power loss at low rpms. P3263 unknown trouble code. I have checked boost leaks. There...
  3. Aaron113

    Diesel exhaust systems

    I often wonder if it's possible to upgrade the exhaust system to a better flowing one without making my car into one of those rolling coal type of mess on the road? (huge black cloud as soon as you push the gas pedal) I'd be interested in some examples of diesel exhaust systems done right and...
  4. J

    Tuning advice

    Hello, I have a 2015 DS3 1.6 Blue HDI 100 remapped to 130. However, I feel like the car has a lot more potential but don’t have much knowledge in what to do next... Can anyone suggest anything or point me in the right direction? Someone said to me about a hybrid turbo but I wouldn’t know...
  5. bax

    Intercooler cleaning

    Hey guys id like to clean the intercooler on my diesel SUV , its been on the car for 5 years and did about 50k kms only but it lived through a bad turbo that was throwing oil .. Ive recently been getting black smoke at high Rpm .. already replaced the air filter and the Turbo but i still have...
  6. C


    My name is cris My current location is Central Pacific coast. Just north of puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I'm a pround owner of a 93, dodge ram 350 cummins turbo diesel dually. Its been a life long dream. To have a good working truck that moves! A haul-ing tank is what I call it.. I...
  7. E

    2010 Ford Focus 2.0TDCi power gain mods.

    Hi all. I have a 2010 Ford Focus 2.0TDCi(mk 2.5) and was wondering if anyone can help me in the right direction or just advise me. I want to do ECU remap but not sure what else to do with it. I want to increase the vehicle's bhp from 135 to about 189bhp if possible. I don'twant it to use more...
  8. E

    Hi everyone.

    Hi everyone. My name is Etienne. I drive a 2010 Ford Focus 2.0tdci Powershift and I live in South Africa. I joined the forum to know more about how to tune my diesel vehicle.
  9. M

    Mazda 3 2.2 dsport tuning

    Hey, I've owned my Mazda 3 for about 9 months and I've been toying with the idea of tuning. Nothing mental, I use the car for commuting, but it could do with a bit more power down the rev range. It's got a truck load of torques so hard acceleration usually results in the esp kicking in! Love...
  10. D

    What are 1.6 HDI 110Bhp Injectors capable of?

    Hi, iv got a Citroen C2 1.6 Hdi running at 140bhp atm. The mods i have are, Hybrid Turbo, front mount intercooler, panel air filter, Straight through Exhaust (Gutted Cat/Dpf), EGR blank. Iv took it for another remap and theres a restriction on the fuel side, I was wondering if its the injectors...
  11. M

    2003 Passat maintanance.

    Hello everyone, could you guys tell me what sort of checks I should get carried out when taking my car to a mechanic in order to keep it running for as long as possible, or what I can check for myself with a basic dummy knowledge of diesel engines? It's a 1.9, 101bhp, almost 190,000 miles (!)...
  12. C

    Audi 3.0 TDi

    Hi I have an Audi A5 Cabriolet 3.0 TDi turbo diesel, I've done a re-map on the ECU and now looking to improve the performance even more, can anyone suggest anything worthwhile doing to squeeze more power from this wonderful engine!
  13. H

    Air filter change

    Am I jumping the gun here. This filter has covered 8000 miles and looks like this. I have replaced it. Should I have left it longer?
  14. Atheist

    Atheist's Mazda

    Looking for hints and tips as I continue to personalise my 2010 MK2 Mazda 6 Sport 2.2D. So far I've managed to add: Eibach lowering springs (-30mm from standard) Custom stainless steel dual exhaust DTUK performance chip - so she now pulls about 220 horses 50% complete internal illumination...
  15. H

    Diagnosing a diesel

    Hoping for a stop-gap quick fix. My wife has a diesel workvan - 2005 Sprinter 5cyl 4.2(?) Mercedes engine. The known problems are a torn turbo recirc hose (AFTER the spool ass'y. , leads back to air manifold) and 4 of 5 glow plugs have failed. We live in a temperate climate where it rarely...

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