VAG 2.0 PD 300hp on a budget


Lancer GS3 2.0 PD
Hey guys, new here,

I'm looking for some advice on tuning my car on a budget. I've got the EA188 PD engine, BWC / BKD engine code in my '08 Mitsubishi Lancer GS3 Saloon.

Currently remapped to a claimed 193 but I'm after a bit more- on a tight budget. I've watched the YT video and read the article on tuning this engine (I've got the 'C' head so no cracking hopefully) but I need some more advice.

1) Is it possible to take the engine to 270+ with just turbo & injectors? If not, what supporting mods are absolutely necessary? (eg head bolts)

2) Should I go for the GTB2056 (Just about 275 apparently with low lag) or futureproof with the GTB2260?
I've found "new" 2056's and used 2260's on eBay for around £200 which would be ideal. I presume neither would be bolt-on and I'd need some adapters fabbed?

3) If its worth me going over 250 (supposed limit of stock injectors) what injectors should I be looking for? Could I directly swap mine with used 8-nozzle injectors from the EA189?

4) Fuel economy is also a concern, its amazing right now and I don't want to ruin it. Does anyone have any experience with running 2 maps/ 2 ecu's with performance and economy separately?

Any advice would be much appreciated,
Many thanks.

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