1. Teenager2413

    Been A While

    So after life taking me by the reigns and very much having it way with me i have now ended up with a 2003 honda civic ep2 (Black Betty) i fancy a slight project and a bit of fun and i was wondering what i can do to this car for a little bit more power but with out losing the mpg as if i drive...
  2. N

    Eaton M65 vs M62 vs TVS R410 vs R1320

    Greetings! I own a Mercedes CLK 200 Kompressor (w209) m271 1.8L going from Stage 2 (~241PS and 380Nm) to Stage 3 and have a few questions about upgrading the Supercharger. Stuff like IC, exhaust, headers, cams, gearbox, ECU tune etc. has been done, questions remains about the Supercharger...
  3. C

    2014 Odyssey

    Hi guys, I recently contacted my local tuning shop and they said they wouldn’t be able to tune my car because Hondata nor KTuned support my model. Is there any other way to get my car tuned?
  4. G

    d16y8 tune up

    Hi i was wondering what could i do to make my d16y8 honda civic faster
  5. C

    HELP can’t find power upgrades for VW

    I need help. I have a 2019 VW Passat Wolfsburg Edition 2.0 EA 888 Gen 3b. I’ve been trying to find power upgrades, I think it has the same engine as the Audi A4 b8? But I’m not sure. I am hardly able to find an ecu, let alone an exhaust or power upgrades. I really have a lot I want to do to this...
  6. Olley

    What's the difference/definition

    Okay, between lockdown and general boredom: What is the definition of "stage" tuning. I'm forever hearing/reading people saying "yeah it's stage four, mate!" but I have no idea what it means. If anyone has a definitive answer please let us know, or alternatively just weigh in with your opinion...
  7. Z

    I need some Guidance...

    I am a young and rather inexperienced enthusiast but modify cars as a hobby and am in basic college classes for automotive. As cliche as it seems I would love the opportunity to tune cars for performance whether that be aftermarket add on or computer software. I am at a critical point where both...
  8. J

    Technical info.

    Good afternoon guys ! I have some questions on how to increase horsepower on my car .I have a Skoda Fabia 6Y2 1.2l 12v and currently i have installed a cold air intake an a sports exhaust .I want to know ,besides ECU remapping , how can i increase hp on that Natural Aspirated engine with parts...
  9. S

    Hyundai Getz Top speed and acceleration gains

    Hello everyone, The reason I found your community is because I want to upgrade my Getz, it’s a pretty decent car and its very reliable, the thing is it’s done 300k kilometers, so I was thinking of adding a turbo kit since the engine is bound to die soon anyway so I have nothing to loose if it...
  10. H

    Hello from a newbie

    Hi. I bought a Mercedes-Benz 2003 c-class about a month ago and are looking to use it as a car that i can learn from. Not really sure what i want to do with it but i guess my first mission would be to get more power out of my OM646 engine. Never really worked on cars before so i am hoping that...
  11. P

    '00 Galant GDI

    Hey everybody, I'm running a 2.4l '00 Mitsubishi Galant GLS GDI with the 4G64 engine, that holds great emotional value to me. While having 150 bhp on a naturally aspirated engine is nice if you're in the right RPM range I'd like to have a bit more power on it. Only problem is I'm absolutely...
  12. F

    Need help with timing on tuner studio

    I have an 01 kia sportage with a microsquirt running everything. I have no aftermarket sensors or parts beside the MS. I took the ignition drivers out of the stock ecu and wired them up and have spark. I have fuel but don't know if I need to mess with injector settings. I can get the car running...
  13. A

    20' Plate Aygo Tuning

    Hi looking for some advice on tuning my brand new Toyota Aygo. It's a 1.0l in-line 3 cylinder, 72bph and 93Nm torque at 4,400rpm. First time tuning and upgrading so looking for some basics tips and advice and best brands to go for. Already had a look at TorqueCars website and there's a good...
  14. M


    Hi everybody my name is Matias, I hope this website and its members can help me with a couple of projects I want to get started. The First Project is to restore an old Lincoln versailles my family has laying around the Garage. The other thing can wait. Anyone got any tips?
  15. J

    Tuning advice

    Hello, I have a 2015 DS3 1.6 Blue HDI 100 remapped to 130. However, I feel like the car has a lot more potential but don’t have much knowledge in what to do next... Can anyone suggest anything or point me in the right direction? Someone said to me about a hybrid turbo but I wouldn’t know...
  16. J

    Newbie here!

    Heya! My name is Jurgen, i'm 18 y/o and kinda new to the car scene. I own a '98 mazda 323f (BA) 1.5glx And I am looking for ways to tune and improve it, if anyone has any idea's or tips, let me know! - cya!
  17. L

    dyno tuning in arkansas area

    I live in the Jonesboro, Ar/Memphis, TN area and am in dire need of someone to tune my car. Everyone I have contacted so far are only into the GM, LS, and Ford motor tuning. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction who could possibly help me out. I have a 92 300zx TT...
  18. N

    Of Probes and plans

    Adding to the few Ford Probe posts here. This time I'm just gonna be talking about mine and all the fun stuff I want for it. Plan to throw up some quick info on these cars since the web is a little lacking later on. Got a 93' "SE" 2.0l l4 DOHC, manual transmission. Thing was all but abandoned...
  19. Y

    Hello from Prescott, Arizona

    Retired guy. Old gearhead and racer (years ago). Have a 2013 Jaguar XF 3.0 V6 S/C. Interested in minor performance mods. Relieve the exhaust. New pulley on S/C. ECU retune. Would like to hear from someone with experience with this engine.
  20. N

    Simple tuning for Mitsubishi Eclispe 96 (w/h turbo)

    Hey. To start with, I'm as dumb as they comes when we're talking about car engines. I can switch simple things that's similar to motorcycles but nothing more :woot: It's a 2.4L 155hp engine, or 2L, not entirely sure, without turbo .V( What are some simple tunings I could do that would give...
  21. B

    BMW E36 1995 Instrument issue.

    Hey, so I have a BMW E36 1.6 1995, sometimes when I'm driving on the road the instrument on the car just drops and stops working, so I can't see how many km/h I'm driving, and all of a sudden it just starts working again, sometimes it can go for 500km without this issue. I hope someone in the...
  22. Eddie208

    [Help] Tuning 4 Cheap/Experience

    To get straight to the point - I want some relatively cheap mods that I can do myself and install as part of a learning process of becoming a tuner and hopefuly not a ricer. I'm 18 so gotta wait till I'm 21 and get a new car before doing anything proper but I just want to do some small things...
  23. M

    Avensis T25 2.0 VVTi 1az fse Mods Upgrades Tuning

    Hey guys. I'm in England, the midlands have a 2.0 petrol manual looking for mods, upgrades, etc. First point of call suspension, coilovers, then some new rubber & probably brakes. Pretty rusty underneath anyone know if subframes from the diesel are the same for both cars? Also anyone know if the...
  24. E

    Hi everyone.

    Hi everyone. My name is Etienne. I drive a 2010 Ford Focus 2.0tdci Powershift and I live in South Africa. I joined the forum to know more about how to tune my diesel vehicle.
  25. Y

    Experts only ||HELP||

    Hey guys, I really need help I own Leon cupra 5f 2016(280hp) Running full stage 2 with intercoller, downpipe, inlets, everything except a big turbo. I used to have 340hp & 52kgm with the same software & setup at the moment And somehow now I'm only providing 320hp with 50kgm I've connected Vcds...
  26. M

    Mazda 3 2.2 dsport tuning

    Hey, I've owned my Mazda 3 for about 9 months and I've been toying with the idea of tuning. Nothing mental, I use the car for commuting, but it could do with a bit more power down the rev range. It's got a truck load of torques so hard acceleration usually results in the esp kicking in! Love...
  27. C

    Golf 1.9 105 2006 injector issues

    HI guys, iv got myself a new gold 1.9 tdi 105 but it seems to have injectors issues. I was thinking while I replace them could I put 130pd injectors inn instead of the 105pd''s. Or would this not work? Does anyone know. I'm new to VW,S
  28. M

    2003 Passat maintanance.

    Hello everyone, could you guys tell me what sort of checks I should get carried out when taking my car to a mechanic in order to keep it running for as long as possible, or what I can check for myself with a basic dummy knowledge of diesel engines? It's a 1.9, 101bhp, almost 190,000 miles (!)...
  29. K

    c2 vts clutch help

    hi guys new here but woundering if any one can help just bought my first c2 vts last monday it has a stage 2 remap upgraded throttle body and a stage 2 clutch (black diamond) i belive anyway all this is running 157.3bhp . And it all ran fine untill thursday when out of nowhere the clutch started...
  30. I

    manual 95 prelude h23a or auto 03 eclipse gt

    Im trying to decide which car to get and start my tuning project on but i want the input of others, im kind of leaning more towards the honda because of the transmission but what do you guys think i get more overall hp from with a good engine build?

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