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    UK petrol prices set to hit £1.20 per litre

    I agree , the fuel hike is not needed at this time in our economy , people are still struggling after the rescession which i might add might be over for some but is still current for others, and it will still go up more in the budget robbing us blind me thinks :mad:
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    up for grabs

    SOLD hello all ive won a voucher for this no good for me so is up for grabs if anyone is interested , i have the voucher details and pin number for booking what ever ride takes your fancy , im not looking...
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    Another amp problem

    no mate not yet lol im slow and old pmsl
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    saxo dials

    They dont seem as blue as i thought , but it could be that the bulbs are old so maybe need changing, the wifes happy thats the main thing , she never looks at the dials anyways only to see how much fuel she has to burn pmsl
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    saxo dials

    Yeh got them fitted today as a matter of fact , didnt fit the blue bulbs as i thought its a big rigmarow to take it apart twice , the dials came with some good instructions , i took the original dials off and put the lockwoods on and it looks very good , was quite fiddly to do at some parts but...
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    saxo dials

    cheers mate , will try the blue anyways seems as i got them if they are too over the top then i will take it all apart again and refit with normal bulbs again
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    saxo dials

    well just bought these from fleabay have got the blue led bulbs to replace the clear normal bulbs on the dash dials , will this be too much with these dials ?? , will i have to use normal bulbs or will...
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    ignition leads

    If there is very little current in the ht side , why do they call it the high tensile side , and again if you grab hold of the ht lead you will get a very good kick off the current passing through ??????????????
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    ignition leads

    Also just to add if you are running stock engine with stock coil you should only need normal size leads , as the larger diamiter leads will give you no benefit you will see or know of , most people upgrade to 8mm and above if they have upgraded their ignition setup ie larger high capacity coils...
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    corsa b prowler body kit help

    Here you go one side and rear bumper all markes , then the same for the oposite side and front bumper = 8 pieces
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    ignition leads

    From what i can remember the 10.2 is the thickness of the cable , obviously the thicker the better , meaning longitivety of life , least able to break inside the core , and the thickness mean a more consentrated pulse /spark to the distributor meaning a high voltage coil may be used with no loss...
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    saxo vtr (picture heavy )

    Got it but the wife likes the one thats on for a min , she will soon get fed up lol
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    saxo dash bulbs

    Well have bought the above bulbs (in the post above) and will be having a go at relacing them on the weekend , what i need to know is the steering wheel has an airbag , when i pull the center of (airbag ) and disconnect it its not going to go off , (never dealt with these before lol ) then take...
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    new more mature members lol

    Pmsl , at least you are all friendly here , another site i joined (no names) they were ok untill the young whipper snapers started and then they were arguing and threatning each other all over some one revving their engine and another leaving was quite heated and i thought do i need to be a...
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    engine bay cleaning

    cheers guys will look into the gunk/degreaser and probably ask the garage i go to what they use im sure i will be able to nick/borrow some of they lol , good terms with the owner :P doesnt get me money off but gives me favours and the odd cheap repair lol