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    peugeot 206 1.6 hdi or 2.0 hdi?

    which is the engine to have? which would respond best to a remap? perfomance stats? any help would be good :)
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    go kart on the road!!

    i recently went go karting with my work and just love the way they handle round corners sliding everywhere and rapid acceleration! are there any cheeky little hatches that go like this or can you not experience the same feeling without going rear wheel drive??
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    corrola levin and trueno sprinter

    rite i got a place to get levins but its reallllly complicatedd its can anyone help me with thiss??
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    corrola levin and trueno sprinter

    is there any equivalent to these carss?? they seem to be so rare and i reallly want one!! info pleaseeee :)
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    gsi engine into a corsa 1.2

    general information would be good is this conversion easier than the redtop or is it similar what sort of components need to be changed other than obvious brakes suspension etc but just some info would be really good thanks
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    body smoothing and touch up paint

    how much would i be looking at for smoothing over bumpers and a few other parts around the body and spraying all the plastic bumpers to the same colour as the car? also opinions on corsa gsi or a redtop conversion corsa or even some different warm hatches? (not stupid like corsa vxr's and clio...
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    cheap track fun

    any examples would be really good?? :) wat sort of cars?
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    cheap track fun

    wat are the best civics to look at? do the vti's have turbos???
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    cheap track fun

    im thinking of getting a civic 1.6 vtec and making it a track car stripped out grippy rubber suspension and a few engine mods and hopefully embarass more expensive machines. you can pick up the civics relatively cheap nw are they good cars to be looking at for track fun or is there anything else...
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    rear strut brace help!!

    i have got a strut brace across the rear of my car but i cant tighten the bolts enough becasue the top spins aswel but i cant grip the top and tighten now because the strut blocks the way please help!! do i ahve to cut a hole in the chassis just to get to the bottom nut?????
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    corsa engine conversions

    im looking to do a redtop or a 1.8 sri engine conversion on corsa b what companies are best to get details on doing the conversions? is 1500 a reasonable cost for the conversion?
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    Alloys :)

    35mm offset wont fit a corsa will it???
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    Alloys :)

    can anyone suggest any good alloys and tires in 15'' fitment for a corsa b. i dont want anything stupid peferably something light keeping unsprung fat down. been looking at dynamics pro race 1.2 in 15''. prices quotes would be massive help too thanks :)
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    insurance question

    if i bought a vauxahll corsa d and then upgraded a few of the parts to the corsa vxr spec because its still a registered vauxhall part would my insurance have to knw about it?
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    c2 1.6 gt

    3500 plus insurance