What is the best track day car


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If you were buying a car that would be good for everyday use and fun to use on a track what would you go for and why?

The EVO/Impreza both hit the spot for me, 4 doors and fairly practical but with stunning performance. The high running costs are a killer though. What other cars would tick the box?

Would a Clio 172 Cup cut the mustard? Any other cheap fun rockets out there that would be worth considering as a track day car?
There was a multi car test in a motor magazine and the tester said even tho the CLIO wasn't the fastest he would have one so he could go to track days and carve up the tossers in faster cars who thought they could drive .
What about a small budget of say £2000 and then £1000 for parts and upgrades. I'd say most people start around this level when looking at track day cars.

The 106 GTi is a stormer, is cheap to run and positively go cart like in it's delivery and handling. That might be a good track day option.

Upgrade wise I'd suggest some semi slick tyres and a set of racing spec pads. I doubt there would be much budget left over for suspension upgrades but that would also make sense if possible and cat removal would help raise the peak power cheaply.
For £1.5k you could buy a Golf gti 1.8T then with the remaining, sort the handling. Plus for free you can strip it!! BUy buckets and some engine modifications and you'll have a tidy, fast car.
IF I was to start over again would buy a S13.14 or 15 as there is an almost endless array of interchangeable parts from the Skylines and a huge range of fabricated suspension arms.

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