VW T5 transporter


West midlands England
VW transporter1.9td
Hi guys

This is going to be my new project adding bits to the transporter over time .
Iv been after a transporter for sometime now
Just would like you to give me more info has iv had
Different messages saying that if go for the 2.5 tdi
The Cambelt may go and it Could cost a packet plus
Iv had messages saying that go for 1.9tdi
And get it remapped to give me more power to pull my lunar caravan single wheeler .

Really hope your guys can help me .

Thanks Shaun westmids
hey and welcome

if the cambelt goes in any engine its generally going to cause quite a bit. but i think the 2.5 can cost a fair bit to get changed at its interval as its a pain to do anyway.
id say go for the later 2.5tdi or if you fancy a a bit more of a challange get a 3.0 tdi and get it fitted
Hi thanks for the info

I think the latest 2.5tdi or 3.0 tdi is out my price range
I'm currently looking at getting a 06/08 plate lwb panel van & converting it to a kombi engines I'm looking at are 1.9tdi or 2.5tdi depending which is best for me .
if you look at the 2.5 tyoull find the older ones that had 150 bhp and then they changed to 170bhp. if your going to go for the older 150 versions you might as well go for the 150 1.9 version. the 150 2.5s well early 00s is i remember so 06 will be the newer ones

the extra bhp and torque would help with the extra weight
Brilliant thanks for the info

Getting the git of it now
The better bhp the better torque is going to be better for me
When pulling my caravan plus bikes luggage Etc
Thanks again
Keep in touch
I have the 2.5 engine in my caravelle, although it's just the 102bhp version as it's the last of the t4's. The engine roars and pulls like a train. I love it.

But can't comment on the t5's as i've never driven one.

hope you find a nice one!
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