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Thinking about getting a T4 transporter and turning it into a camper. But does anyone know much about the potential of the 2.5 straight 5 engine??
i have a 2.5 TDI Transporter, as does my best mate, his was an 88bhp standard, mine was a 102bhp standard ( mine had intercooler).

I chucked on some larger injector nozzles @ £180 and a Remap @ £300.

power went from 102bhp and 250nm torque ( 184ft/lb), to 150bhp and 360nm (265ft/lb)
( It made this power with a duff turbo by the way, once the engine is rebuilt and new turbo on ill be going back for a tweak on the map and could see anywhere around 165bhp and 280ft/lb if im happy for it to be touch smoky, tbh ill probably keep it roughly same as before but will burn 100% cleanly)

my mates has different injectors, an intercooler and the remap and is 130bhp, although if he had fitted my type of injector with the new nozzles he would have around 150bhp too.

There are lads on the T4 forum who are running far more power, but then your talking hybrid turbo's @ £720, custom exhaust manifold and downpipe, headwork (£500), etc. Not to mention having to upgrade the clutch to a Heavy duty Sachs racing DMF setup @ £600.
When you tune to that level you lose some of your economy also as your power inevitably moves higher up the rpm range. I do know someone who is looking into twin turbo setups to eliminate this problem, however that will require standalone engine management etc so adds the cost of another turbo and over a grand for the standalone, plus all the custom fabrication work on manifold and downpipe etc.

150bhp is a pretty standard figure for the 2.5tdi nowadays, and feels a lot more due to the torque and increased driveablity.

The one thing i will say though, is dont underestimate the costs of running and maintaining a T4, never mind converting one.

If you want any specific info on anything T4 related just shout :)
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