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Hi guys!

This is my first thread on here so be gentle!

I've just had my 3 year old T5 130 remapped and the difference is amazing, the tuner said he thinks he got 185bhp out of the engine although I have no means of testing this unless I get to a dyno. Through the diagnostic port on a short road test he was able to measure a peak torque figure of 440nm which is certainly a step in the right direction!

My question is, what other options do I have to get more usable power out of the engine that aren't massively expensive or maintenance intensive/fragile?


Hi ruds,
i think the figures are a little optmistic, you should see about 170bhp and 400nm torque.
i think the tuner was just trying to impress his work on you.
he should know the max amount of bhp and torque he can get from an engine. as most diesel's see around 30-40 bhp increase with just an odd car givng more, eg:golf gt tdi 140 makes 195bhp.
whoever does his tuning files have already done the testing and work within set limits so that your engine is never working at it's max..

sorry to go on a bit mate.. :)

Get a better intercooler for more power gains. I guess often power gains are quoted based on the flywheel wheras wheel horsepower is lower and more of a real world figure. I'm glad you're pleased with the remap.

You really need to get a bulk buy discount on tyres now;)
There is a 174 varient of the T5 which gives me a few options I supose if I could get some of those parts and put them on mine e.g injectiors and turbo. I'd like to think that the airbox, intercooler, clutch ect.. is the same so that I won't have to change any of those along with the power increase but what are the odds of that?!

What is likely to be the weakest link i.e first to break in the drive chain with the addition of more power?

Thank you for all the info!!

Hi mate,
i just checked the ecu's for both power outputs and they are the same, so it may be injectors/turbo that is giving the higher output on the174bhp model, and obviously the software too...

Thank you for taking the time to do that, I appreciate it! I will post a thread on a T5 oweners site and try and gather some info on the engine differences (they tend not to be into the tuning side so much).

Back in a bit :)
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