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Just found this on and thought it may be of interest;

The legality of nitrous use on the road varies from country to country, even within the EU. However, contrary to what many people believe (including some police officers) nitrous oxide injection is legal for road use in the UK and many other countries (just as are turbo chargers and superchargers). According to the Ministry of Transport, the Highway Code and the MOT handbook there is no law prohibiting the use of nitrous injection. However just as with any tuning modification, the owner must inform their insurance company and obtain adequate cover otherwise any performance modification would be illegal. Therefore the only way you will break the law by having your street car fitted with a nitrous kit in the UK, is if you fail to inform your insurance company that you have one. Insuring a nitrous injected vehicle has become easier since WON joined forces with Adrian Flux to provide all their customers with a better chance of obtaining adequate insurance cover. Some other insurance companies such as Greenlight Insurance also offer cover for nitrous equipped cars.

There is a degree of confusion over the need to have a hazard warning sticker on the outside of the car. nitrous oxide is neither a flammable nor a hazardous gas but it is an oxidiser. There is a legal requirement for commercial vehicles to display a suitable sticker but this does not apply to private vehicles, which are not even obliged to display a green compressed gas sticker. However, displaying such a warning sticker might well be advantageous to you and the emergency services if you were to be involved in any kind of accident, as this would inform them that you were carrying a container of compressed oxidiser.
My nitrous system has been declared to my insurers since day one.
They informed me that it is perfectly legal to use on the roads but there was a grey area when I asked if I need to have a gas sticker on the back of the car.
Just out of pure health and safety reasons, a sticker should be displayed. Maybe in a door seal or again some where that can be seen. I mean... If it was ever in such an awful accident that having the tank was considered as extremely dangerous, then for the emergancy crews containing the area, that sticker could potentially save lives.
My inspector checks the lights, turn signals, horn, break wear and gives me an ok. Has no lift so never notices that there is no cat under there.
Question. Will nitrous help leapfrog the CRATERS in the roads or damage the suspension aswell as the tracking & tyres........ tricky one to call....
ive been told i must have an RNG sticker on my car, there may be no legal requirement, but if the insurance company say you need one, then thats that.
Lets get down to the brass tacks here.

Who cares? Really?

Its not illegal ''not'' to show a green sticker.

Its not flamible
If damaged, it will make a hissing noise, but nothing that will do damage, at worse, tinnitus.

Its like saying older cars should carry a health warning saying they did not pass any sort of crash test. This would too be a stupid idea.

If peeps want it. Declare it, pay for it. Then who are any of us to say they should have a warning sticker on the back to say they are carrying compressed gas.

I dived for 6 years, and not once did any of our cars have a compressed oxygen sticker on the back.

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