Twin chargers, the best of both worlds


Toyota prius
I'm Ron, living in the Dallas Texas area, I was very fortunate and was lucky enough to have Research and Development at ProCharger install a supercharger on my Ram 3500 6.4 Hemi. Now I have to try a Twincharger, supercharger and turbo charger
I am open for advice and tips as well as builder info, mapping and fuel mixture.
Hi there, what mods did you do to the engine before the Supercharger was fitted?

Why is the car in your profile listed as a Prius?

What power levels are you aiming at? Have you considered a nitrous kit as well for those track days when you need a little boost?
The modifications were actually very minimal for the supercharger install, we installed 50lbs injectors, a Diablo tuner and of course the plumbing for the intake, the intercooler wa easy. The hardest part was the bracket for the supercharger to align the belt. Keep in mind belt replacement wa done at every oil change as they tend to fray and slip otherwise. I ran at 8lbs of boost. If you go to Procharger
Com you can pull up the Ram page and see my white truck wth the cap on the page named work and play. My daily driver is a prius because of the distance to work. The twin charged car will be a late 90s Camero
With higher boost you get issues with pre ignition. Water injection/lowering the compression or direct cylinder injection are ways around this.

Have you thought of using an overdrive pulley to drive the supercharger a little harder? This would be a relatively cheap and simple way to get some more power.
I have considered that but this truck is used more for pulling a camper or haul material, i occasionly play with it. Always kind of funny when you pull up to a stop light with a one t truck and smoke a mustang or camero.

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