1. S

    BMW B47D20 120d vs 125d

    Hi everyone, i'm looking for a while for some answers about the exact difference between the B4720D engine mounted on the bmw 120d and the one mounted non the 125d. other than the twin turbo, what other difference do they have? fuel pump, injectors, ECU, wiring ? is the remapping possible? i...
  2. devman

    Kia Stinger Twin Charging ????

    I need to know is there a super charger out there for a 2018 Kia Stinger 3.3TT ( Lambda II RS T-GDi ) ??? The stinger comes with a twin turbo v6 AWD. I want to Twin charge it. Knowledge please????
  3. B

    6a13 (twin) turbo build

    At first, Hello people! I'm new here, and honestly never tuned a car , except on need for speed or midnight club. I have a Mitsubishi Galant 8th gen 2.5l v6 6a13 engine, and i understand there is an turbo charged 6a13 engine, which wil be the 6a13tt. Because this is basically the same engine i...
  4. A

    Twin charging Land Rover turbo diesel?

    Hi all, new here so hello! Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of adding a small supercharger to a turbo Diesel engine....? TIA
  5. R

    Twin chargers, the best of both worlds

    I'm Ron, living in the Dallas Texas area, I was very fortunate and was lucky enough to have Research and Development at ProCharger install a supercharger on my Ram 3500 6.4 Hemi. Now I have to try a Twincharger, supercharger and turbo charger I am open for advice and tips as well as builder...
  6. R

    Ford Cologne V6 4l twin charging

    Has anyone ever twincharged a Ford Cologne V6 4L? There would have to be endless modifications to the engin for it to be able to handle this kind of forced induction.

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