6a13 (twin) turbo build


Galant 2.5l v6 2wd
At first, Hello people!
I'm new here, and honestly never tuned a car , except on need for speed or midnight club.
I have a Mitsubishi Galant 8th gen 2.5l v6 6a13 engine, and i understand there is an turbo charged 6a13 engine, which wil be the 6a13tt.
Because this is basically the same engine i wonder if it is possible to upgrade my 6a13 in to a 6a13tt.
Is there anyone who did this already?
Do you have to replace the rods and pistons?
Is it necessary to port the intake?
Do you need another ECU?
And also very important, what does it cost?!
I don't need it to have 1000hp or something, just basically the 6a13tt a little more is welcome ofcourse.

Although i'm new in tuning (or want to be) , i have some experience with repairing cars.

I hope someone can give me some fitting information, or better yet his experience with his/her project.

Thanks in advance !
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You would need to alter the compression ratio, so they are the same block but have quite a few differences, a simple swap is usually the best way forward in terms of time and money.

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