Turbocharging Mazda 626 GF12 1997


Mazda 626 GF12 1997
Hello all,

Recently I have purchased a 1997 Mazda 626 V Sedan (GF12) 2.0L 115hp petrol engine. It has a FS-DE I4 engine block.
It is good for everyday driving, but I would like to add a turbo to it.
The only problem is that there are very few people that have done this (as far as I can tell) and thus makes it difficult to research what I need to add the turbo to the car and what the max boost is.

Has anyone got any experience on this platform with turbocharging? If so, could you offer me guidance/assistance on turbocharging my Mazda.

Thusfar I have several items on my list that I think I need, but don't know which brands are best or whether I need anything else:
- T25 Turbo w/ wastegate
- Cast exhaust manifold
- Downpipe w/ gasket
- Blow-off valve
- Intercooler and piping
- Injectors and interface block
- Oilpan
- Clamps
- Intake manifold
- Boost controller
- Fuel pressure regulator
- Hoses for parts
If I'm missing anything that is needed, please let me know! I really want to turbo my car but as of now, I am pretty clueless on how to proceed.

Also, I have noticed on several forums that some keep referencing to the Mazda MX-6 and its similarities in engine and turbo charging. Yet they fail to offer any links to the information required. Does anyone here know where I can find it?

Thanks a million!

Kind regards,


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