Upgrades Prior to Turbocharging



I have a few twin turbocharger kits I'm looking at purchasing. I have never been involved in modifying a vehicle before other than maintenance such as plugs, lines, hosing, brake systems etc. I have a 2011 Dodge Charger with a 3.6 litre V6 in it with 68k miles. I want to know, before installation of a turbo system, what upgrades are required and/or good measures. I mainly Jus don't want to ruin my engine because it can't handle the compression or otherwise. Please help!!
Fitting twin turbos yourself to any car is really not something you should be considering if you have to ask that question.

It really isn't something that should be undertaken unless you really know what you are doing
This must be one of the most commonly asked questions on here, with the asker thinking that you can simply bolt one (or two) on and zoom off.

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