Tuning 2.5XT forester


Forester 2.5xt
Recently bought one of these with auto box. 227bhp 236lb/ft.

Took it to local tuner who said a response remap will add 45bhp for £599

At well over £10 per horse, i was a bit surprised at the expense and the info leaflet he gave me was very vague.

If i'm going to spend that kind of money i want to see dyno graphs.

Can anyone here recommend anyone else in the north of england?
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Are Celtic tuning anywhere near you? £600 does seem a bit steep for a remap. The power gain looks good though - if indeed that is the real power gain you will see.
think this is simlar to the price that AP Performance charge, and they are meant to be the best - no personal experience of them though, yet.
Celtic Tuning didn't sound too far way, after all i can be across the border in an hour.

Except they are in cornwall !!! hmm bit of a misleading name

I do have familly in the west mids so a visit to AP performance is possible thanks
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