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Jesper Kodahl

Legacy Spec.B 3.0
Hi All

I'm new to this site. I'm from Denmark but I'm about to move to Sweden where you can actually buy cars without having to sell your firstborn. I have worked for Subaru a couple of years as a director doing commercial presentations for their new models when they were to be revealed at the different auto salons around the globe. First I thought they were this Korean car that had made somewhat of a splash in rally. Then I was taken to school by a Subie aficionado! Now I dream Subaru and breath their flat six exhaust. I have taken my own medicine so to speak. Nuff bout me!

I'm planning to get a spec B 3.0 Legacy Wagon 07' and wonder if anyone could give me a few pointers on how to make it perform a little better. The thing is I don't want it to look like anything but the regular Spec. B only with a lowered stance some cool rims and some mean brakes (think K-Sport 8 pot front 6 rear).
Only the insider would be able to see something odd about this legacy.

Can you mount coilovers on it? And since it's a NASP engine has anyone had experience with putting a turbo on it? You could get the B4/GT Limited bonnet with the hood scoop and maybe do some intercooling so it would still use an original Subie bonnet.
I know this is many questions in one but I'm so anxious to dig into it with this whole thing
Thought anyone?

Jesper Kodahl Andersen
Hi and welcome to TorqueCars good to have you along. I think you would be better off with a low boost supercharger than a turbo, there is a lot less work to be done to get it all to work together. Expect to uprate the fuelling as well.

There should be good gains to be had with some gas flowing and porting on the 3.0 engine as well.

I think you'll find Brembo disks work really well on the Legacy. Hope this points you in the right direction.
Hi Waynne

Thanks for your input. It seems that I can't match any Gran Turismo brakes up with the legacy. If you search their catalogue the "sport" program only supports models up to 2002. And the "Gran Turismo" program, which are the cool brakes, only support the 2009 model year. That leaves the whole range from 03 and up. Do you know something I don't? I'm sure you do, as I'm just a grease monkey ;O)

Are Brembos better than the K-Sport? I have never heard of K-Sport until I found a link to them in this forum.

Do you know of any similar upgrades done with success on a 3.0R engine? With a supercharger I mean? And when you say fuelling are you talking injectors, pump and such?

And how much do you think you can get out of the engine with a low boost supercharger? Are we talking between 50 and a 100 additional bhps?
Check the wheel sizes/PCD/Offset and you may well find that another model of Subaru upgraded brakes will fit.

A supercharger will typically give another 50 or so BHP but it depends on the boost and this can be supplimented by a water injection kit to allow even higher boost levels.

Fuelling is typically the injectors but sometimes you will also need to uprate the fuel pump - it depends how much capacity there is in the standard one. If you start running lean then look at the fuelling.
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