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Toyota Corolla4ZZFE
Dear Forum members,

I'm a Corolla owner since yesterday!! :clap:
I've got this corolla from a second hand with 161.000km on it. By the way, i don't really know if it is "generation 8" or generation 8.5!! The papers say it's 2001,,, is there a way to indetify this?

So,,,, i'm wondering if there are some "upgrades" that can make it faster ,,, hmmmm or maybe more pretty! ;)

The previous owner had a KN filter on it and a exhaust (very noisy :P )!

So what do you suggest me to do? Make a mechanical change? Update something? The car has a lot of kms on it,,, do you think that changing pistons and stuff like that would be good for it? I'm thinking of changing the rear lights because i dont really like them,,, do you know where can i find others? Or what about the front lights,,,, is there a halo effect light for that or something? ;)

Also, where can i buy things for this car? I've done some search on the ebay but there are not many stuff for this particular car!!

Thanks in advance!

(waiting for comments if you like it :) )

P.S. I'm really glad to be part of this forum! :D The tuning articles are brilliant too!
Hello and Welcome to TorqueCars.:bigsmile:
Hope you enjoy your time with us.

Your post got stuck in the moderation queue as you require 10 posts before you can upload pics or links. I've approved it for you this time mate.;)
Have a wander round an you'll soon hit 10.
Thank you for the warm welcome and thanks for the pic aproval :D

Well i will try to be as active as i can!
Greetings and Welcome to our TorqueCars Forum my Friend :)

Please feel free to have a look around the website, there are many varied and interesting articles to read on all manner of car modifying subjects.
Also, you may find our members project threads and photo gallery very useful as a source of inspiration towards your own very special project!

Good luck to you & enjoy the forum! :)

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